In 2023, all we care about is convenience regarding car audio enhancements. So, what is the best way to connect a car subwoofer to your car’s audio stereo system with no strings attached? Well, your best guess will be no literal wires attached to your car audio system build. In this day and age, it is not that hard to find everything wireless. Therefore, we at carsaudio bring you the best Bluetooth subwoofer for car.

On this car audio website, you will find all you need for an excellent solution for a wireless Bluetooth subwoofer setup for your car. By discussing some of the best available Bluetooth subwoofers for car installation in the market today, we can gauge what is best for you without causing any large dents on your finances and bad technical choices because there are many Bluetooth subwoofers to choose from.


Best Bluetooth subwoofer for car brands

Dock some of these compact and portable Bluetooth subwoofers for cars under the seats or anywhere, maybe in the trunk of your car to get a massive bass sound blast from your car no matter where you go. Our top picks for Bluetooth subwoofer for car include:


JBL BassPro Go

Are you searching for the best portable Bluetooth subwoofer for car? If so, JBL is one of the best options. JBL is one of the most respected and among the best companies for audio devices such as subwoofers or woofers manufacturing.



This manufacturer has created a Bluetooth subwoofer for cars that is a true monster in general Bluetooth subwoofer specifications. This can be installed in your car to create a car audio monster instantly.

Features of JBL BassPro Go Bluetooth subwoofer for car



Therefore, this option is great if you want a portable solution that can double as a portable beachgoer or an outdoor recreation person.


ANKER SoundCore

For portability and convenience regarding the best Bluetooth subwoofer for a car, ANKER SoundCore is a reliable portable Bluetooth speaker that you will rely on thanks to its dual drivers and small compact size. This is a lightweight speaker/subwoofer unit weighing at 365 grams which allows it to be placed on the car dashboard, armrest or on the seat.

This is another fantastic device for a surprisingly low price. These speakers will be a great deal at this price hence the best in the range. The SoundCore can drive with superior sound quality to speakers of higher price. Through its dual full-range drivers, a patented bass port, and a fine-tuned Digital Signal Processor (DSP) present music with rousing highs and deep lows, it produces a music sound that is unmistakable. It boasts less than 1% total harmonic distortion.


Even at high volumes, there is less harmonic distortion resulting in remarkable clarity and astonishing sound. This extends to crystal-clear highs, booming lows, and excellent fidelity. This allows each song to be heard with exceptional clarity and crispness.

This Bluetooth subwoofer for car units has a 24-hour battery life where it can offer sublime audio for up to 24 hours on end, that is approximately 500 songs. This capability is due to its Soundcore synergises Anker’s power management technology and a high-efficiency Li-ion battery. It is able to extract every last bit of energy from its high-capacity battery. This battery can last twice as much as ordinary Bluetooth speaker devices.

The speaker uses Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity to pair up with any Bluetooth-enabled device which further complements its high-quality components. The Bluetooth 4.0 protocol’s EDR technology is excellent hence a rock-solid connection. This allows you to stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth with high fidelity and almost-lossless quality. The speaker’s Bluetooth transmitter is a powerful unit which can pair with any compatible device within a range of up to 66 feet. This device has enhanced usability with phones, tablets and almost any other Bluetooth-enabled device. It can reconnect to the last device used for instant music playback provided its Bluetooth is enabled.

The ANKER SoundCore can play Hi-Fi music and also provides a speakerphone that allows you to make and receive calls hands-free. Soundcore Bluetooth subwoofer speaker allows it to connect with Alexa-enabled devices.

Not falling short of describing the looks of this wonderful ANKER Bluetooth subwoofer speaker. We touch on its irresistible finish where it has been carefully designed to have curved seamless edges and sleek controls accentuate its unibody design. The speaker therefore offers uncompromised portability where it can fit in bags and other storage areas within the car space. The speakers come with various colour options such as black, red and blue.



Car Subwoofer systems: 4 different types, variations and sizes



ALPINE SBT-S10V 10″ Ported Subwoofer + 2 Rockville Stereo Bluetooth Speakers

This setup is a great combination of two big car audio player companies, Alpine and Rockville where they have come up with a portable Bluetooth subwoofer for car setup. The setup is engineered for loud clean bass for your and also to fit into most cars including larger ones such as trucks. SBT-S10V and the two stereo Bluetooth allow seamless connectivity while occupying less space without sacrificing on audio quality.

Convenience even to the fine little details is key when it comes to Alpine design and manufacturing. The Alpine two-way logos on the front and the bottom offer convenient visibility options when mounted horizontally or vertically. The design also features a compact wedge-style design and shallow mount which is a perfect fit for most tight spaces’ installations.

The Alpine subwoofer is made of ingenious technology such as the Radial Vented VC Heat Sink & Airflow Management System which actively manages voice coil temperatures by forcing air directly across the heat sink system. The FEA Optimized Dual-Sided Machined CRC motor structure creates a symmetrical magnetic field with evenly distributed flux density to greatly reduce distortion, while further improving power handling and output.

Another feature is the FEA Optimized Injection Molded TPE spider with pass-through gap design structure that provides the mechanical clearance needed for over 50mm of peak-to-peak excursion, unleashing massive output potential from a small package. Lastly another technological feature is the FEA Optimized HAMR surround which is multi-roll allowing extreme excursions without sacrificing valuable cone area. It provides accurate, distortion-free control at extreme excursions in the suspension system. It is optimised for linearity and injection-moulded Santoprene.

For the Rockville Rock Everywhere Bluetooth speakers, they are True Wireless Stereo (TWS) which allow you to wirelessly connect two of the speakers and the Alpine subwoofer for a stereo sound immersion. An advanced Bluetooth chip called the Actions 4.2 is installed which has a dual core single chip with a DSP that is tuned to increase the sound quality.

The speakers are IPX6 waterproof where they can be submerged to a maximum of 20 seconds in water without any damage. The batter is long-lasting where it can kick for 47 hours at 25% volume, 27 hours at 59% volume and 5 hours at maximum volume. 3 LED lights are used to indicate battery power level. They also have inbuilt power banks that can be used to charge phones. The speakers are loaded with tons of options for music playback such as memory cards and AUX-cable input for seamless connectivity.


When you are on the go, clamping hooks are provided for easy portability and secure handling. Rockville offers a 90-day money return policy which is a nice offer in case anything happens during delivery or handling during that period.



Bose SoundLink Mini II

You will not regret it!  When it comes to Bluetooth subwoofer for car by Bose Audio. The premium sound quality from Bose is now offered in a smaller package that you can carry around with you. Bose portable Bluetooth speakers are great with excellent customer service from their manufacturer.

Bose is most well-known for its Hi-Fi audio devices in the music industry. This translates even to its car audio systems as well as portable speakers and subwoofers. The Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker is a great choice for car usage and outdoor activities due to capabilities to deliver excellent results. The SoundLink II is a step above its predecessor and has set the standard for portable wireless speakers.

The SoundLink Mini II has compact audio drivers which is the first thing you think of when looking at it. They can produce sound on a wide range of frequencies and surprisingly enough, they do it so quickly and efficiently. While the speaker retains the classic look of its predecessors, it adds a micro-perforated grille. The Bose product is physically identical to its predecessors but lighter in raw weight. The speaker weighs 700 grams, enough to offset the vibrations from the bass drivers. These can, however, get quite loud when the media player’s equalizer is turned to maximum. The SoundLink can deliver crisp highs and rich lows bass notes as with all products in this price range.

Several enhancements have been added as compared to its predecessors that improve its usability. Some of the enhanced features include USB charging capabilities. This allows users to charge their phones, tablets, or other devices using a USB cable hence acting as a power bank. This is facilitated by its high-capacity battery. The battery life has been improved over previous versions where it can play music for up to 10 hours continuously, compared to the predecessors’ 7 hours. The SoundLink Mini II also has speakerphone capabilities that allow the user to make and receive hands-free calls. This will make you as a car driver always attentive on the road due to hands-free calls operations.

The product comes with voice prompts that guide you through the process. This is useful for people who don’t know how to start, despite the ease of pairing it with any device. This feature can be annoying for some users. It is also difficult to turn off. Bose deserves credit for trying to help even the least experienced users.

The Bluetooth subwoofer for car is very portable hence can be placed or fixed at any point of the car interior. The speaker when not in use in the car can be used in outdoor activities such as camping, picnics and sporting. It has a good Bluetooth connectivity reception of about 10 meters. Loud sound can be achieved thanks to its dual passive radiators that produce deep low tones while facing away from each other so as to remove vibrations. Powerful sound is also produced due to high-efficiency transducers that displace twice as much air.



JBL BassPro Micro

JBL subwoofer series, BassPro Micro Bluetooth subwoofer for car enters the market at a whooping $400 dollars. That is not much as compared to its bigger brother which goes for a price tag of $150 dollars much more. That money seems less but having it saved from your credit card bills is a big deal. Bluetooth subwoofers at that price tag are rare disappointments, therefore expect the best value for your money.

The Bluetooth subwoofer for car installation by JBL has a monstrous 8-inch of subwoofer packs which provide one hell of a bass audio punch. At a frequency response range of between 35Hz to 120Hz, it touches on all bass notes that you would ever dream of in the portable car audio industry. It produces deep powerful bass at a power output of 140W RMS with a bass boost option ranging from 0dB to 9dB at 65 Hz.

This is a very portable Bluetooth subwoofer where it comes with features like an inbuilt amplifier for bass. Docking hardware is provided to allow attaching or docking the monster speaker to your vehicle. The docking hardware ensures a hassle-free experience when installing it to your car or place of choice. Two RCA adapters for the speaker are provided.

JBL BassPro micro allows it to be used in cars and trucks as a portable Bluetooth subwoofer hence a great speaker unit that will ensure great value for the money invested in it. You can pair it up with the rest of your car stereo system for much greater entertainment needs. Happy splurging with JBL BassPro Micro!



DOSS SoundBox XL

DOSS SoundBox XL is another choice when it comes to Bluetooth subwoofer for car options. Although this might offer the loudest and the most immersive solution for your vehicle as other key players in the car audio industry, it offers a great audio experience. It can for sure serve as a cheap alternative to the expensive options in the market. It is a Bluetooth speaker that has a main subwoofer and two passive radiators on each side.

Its main purpose as the designers designed it is to produce gut punching bass to the user. In addition, the size of this driver can serve as a subwoofer alternative without taking up much of your car interior space. So, if you are looking for a quick fix solution for the silence in your car you can certainly go for the DOSS SoundBox XL, where it will not disappoint you at all.

It comes equipped with a 12W subwoofer and the two bass radiators. This is no joke to a Bluetooth subwoofer for car unit. The two bass radiators will definitely provide ample power to your audio. Just pair up your DOSS SoundBox XL wirelessly via Bluetooth to your smartphone or any other Bluetooth capable device and start bumping tunes. No wires required whatsoever for connectivity.

Coming with advanced Bluetooth 4.0 functionality it pairs up with devices effortlessly and seamlessly. It also comes with wireless pairing, so if you have another one of these bad boys or your car audio stereo system allows multiple pairing, feel no shy to connect them together wirelessly. This little beast packs a punch way above its weight hence we advise you to buy the Doss Bluetooth subwoofer for car with no worry to audio quality and clarity compromise.



Alpine SWT-12S4 1000W 12-inch subwoofer

Alpine SWT-12S4 is a whooping 12-inch Bluetooth subwoofer for car where it meets your dreams on high-end. The units offer a peak power output of 1000W which allows the speaker to provide bass audio of top-notch quality. This subwoofer speaker can be a great deal where it offers A2DP audio streaming capabilities. The Bluetooth for this device has a wide range of 4o feet unobstructed connectivity. Its playback controls are compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device hence free no worries to connect your Bluetooth device to the subwoofer.

The subwoofer serves all purposes of your car audio needs and adventures. It can be used in any type of car without compromise to bass quality. It has a unique cylindrical design which includes an aluminum hook to latch it securely into a car interior or even a bag in case it is used for outdoor activities. The speaker has rubberised feet made of impact resistant feet that creates a grip to a flat surface when placed on it. These feet prevent movement due to vibrations caused by the subwoofer cone air displacement.



Alpine have included a body covering that is rugged and shock proof which can sustain impacts during usage such as off-road driving. Therefore, no matter what conditions you expose your subwoofer to such as water splashes, dust and other harsh weather conditions, you are sure that the subwoofer will survive. This is an extremely versatile Bluetooth subwoofer for car, versatile and enhanced with features to keep you playing music in style.



Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2

Creative’s latest Roar 2 produces great sound across the entire spectrum from highs, mid and lows. We list it as a Bluetooth subwoofer speaker for car because it has an inbuilt 2.5-inch active subwoofer speaker. The subwoofer is located at the center where it provides for a wider soundstage that does not require the listener to be situated in the audio sweet spot. The other two premium speaker drivers of 1.5-ich diameter are also designed to provide far-field high-frequency dispersion.

Creative Roar 2 is the latest iteration in Creative’s line of critically acclaimed portable Bluetooth speakers for cars. It offers the same number of features, in a slightly smaller package at 20% much less space than the predecessor. You will appreciate the looks and performance of the speaker wherever you go.  However, despite being smaller than the previous version, this speaker manages to be the bulkiest on the whole list, weighing just a bit over 900 grams.

The speaker offers dual orientations where it tunes in to your acoustic preferences whether placed vertically or horizontally. A horizontal placement allows you to experience room-filling and balanced audio while a vertical placement produces louder and direct audio although at a smaller footprint.


The Bi-amplified design allows for two amps to fit into one unit. This is different as compared to most speakers where a single amplifier unit is used to reproduce the entire audio spectrum. Sound Blaster Roar 2 utilises two amplifiers where one is dedicated for mid and lows while the other is solely for highs. This allows the speakers to be used at high volumes with uncompromising clear, high definition well balanced music with less distortion.

The Creative speaker is featured with TeraBass which intelligently boosts bass when audio levels are low during low volume playback without artificially over-accentuating bass levels.

High quality wireless audio codecs where Creative never settled for just the basic sub-band coding (SBC) wireless transmission over Bluetooth. They ensured that the Sound Blaster Roar 2 is also equipped with aptX and AAC high-definition codecs that deliver high resolution, higher quality wireless Bluetooth audio.

Other cool features for this speaker are a powerful battery that can deliver 8 hours of music playback hence enjoying non-stop music. The battery acts as a power bank to charge other devices such as your smartphone. Out of juice? No worries because the device can be charged by a fast charge adapter or an ordinary micro-USB charger.

Sound Blaster Roar 2 is an NFC enabled device for ease of use and pairing with smartphones or other types of media players. Other Bluetooth smart devices can be connected wirelessly to where Creative Multipoint allows you to simultaneously connect two Bluetooth stereo devices to the Sound Blaster Roar 2 and easily toggle between them. Also, an integrated 3.5mm aux-in for connection to other analogue audio devices can be used too.

The micro-USB port can be used to connect to a PC with Windows or Mac OS where Sound Blaster control Panel software can be used to access SBX Pro Studio technologies such as SBX Bass, and SBX Dialog Plus. However, things get really crazy as soon as you push the ROAR button on the control panel which, when activated, increases the device’s maximum volume limit, and widens the soundstage. Therefore, this speaker is a good choice for car installation. If you like the brand, Go for it!



Sourcing a Bluetooth subwoofer for car

In this decade, going wireless is a very common option for most car audio lovers. Most subwoofer kits do not come with a built-in amplifier that offers you a wireless solution. The highly powered and beefy subwoofers both in performance and in size require an external amplifier. The compact-size subwoofers come preinstalled with built-in amplifiers.

To create a wireless Bluetooth kit in the event of owning an amplifier that does not have built-in wireless features, you do not need to fetch far. You can easily find an amplifier that does have an inbuilt Bluetooth adapter which indeed can be easy to configure and incorporate into your car audio system. We will therefore offer you the best choices of pieces for Bluetooth subwoofer for car installation.

The subwoofers can range from full standalone units with no external kits to compact subwoofers such as under-seat ones for tight spaces installations to portable subwoofers which can be moved within the car space or outside the car example during outdoor events. For the standalone Bluetooth subwoofer for car units, all you need is a 4-channel or a 3-channel amplifier to hook up your subwoofers to. Here we will cover both Bluetooth full kits with built-in amplifiers.

Bluetooth subwoofer for car units buying guide

Bluetooth subwoofer for car

Before delving into the best Bluetooth subwoofer brands, let us first highlight what features you should look up to when planning a purchase. It is a very good idea to go through the listed items to consider which are key in making the best purchase for your car audio needs.  Look into each feature in detail if you are not sure which speaker to purchase. The manufacturer of the device should not really matter because even a less reputable manufacturer can deliver a good quality Bluetooth subwoofer for a car. Some Bluetooth subwoofer for car units can be portable while others require fixed installation in a car audio setup. The features to check into include:

Frequency response is a measurement unit for measuring the frequency at which a piece of audio equipment can reproduce audio. This is a key factor of consideration when it comes to car audio subwoofer choices. This number is often indicated on the product box or on the company website. It is measured in Hertz (Hz) and expressed in ranges rather than in units. A car subwoofer has a frequency response range of between 70Hz to 80Hz. Therefore,  a crossover should be installed in order to block mid-range sound frequencies of 80Hz and below.

As a car owner searching for a Bluetooth subwoofer for installation, it is important to pay attention to the Bluetooth version of the device. Bluetooth v1 has been almost eliminated while Bluetooth v2.1 remains very relevant in today’s technology although it appears outdated. Bluetooth v4.0 and v5.0 are the latest versions in the audio industry today. They include the EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) profile responsible for the improvement in sound quality. Multiple audio device pairing is now possible where you can pair up a device with several output sources.

Although not strictly necessary, Bluetooth speakers and subwoofers can be equipped with features that are intended to enhance the user’s experience using the device, especially for portable ones such as subwoofers. These features could include, but not be limited to:

Bluetooth subwoofer for car

FAQs about Bluetooth subwoofer for car

Can you put a Bluetooth subwoofer in a car?

Yes, that is a very practical idea where several car audio systems manufacturers have designed Bluetooth subwoofers such as the all-in-one JBL BassPro Go. This is a hybrid car subwoofer and Bluetooth speaker that deepens the bass of your in-vehicle audio system before popping out of the car and playing tunes on the move. JBL calls the BassPro Go a first-to-market sound system for use both in and out of the car, which is very practical and worthwhile.

Are Bluetooth subwoofers active or passive?

Bluetooth subwoofers are active because they have an inbuilt amplifier. The amplifier provides power for the subwoofer unit. This also allows multiple Bluetooth speaker connectivity hence you can create a surround sound system in your car.

Are Bluetooth subwoofers any good?

Wireless subwoofers are great for many people. It has excellent reliability, connectivity, and may even unlock the potential of your sound system.

Do Bluetooth subwoofers interfere with Wi-Fi?

Yes, they will do so if you are using the same band. For example, if your Wi-Fi router is using 2.4GHz and your soundbar is also using the same band for Bluetooth transmission, then that will interfere with your Wi-Fi network. If you are using an internet router ensure it offers both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz connectivity.


No matter what type of car you drive, a Bluetooth subwoofer can improve the music that plays from your radio or from your auxiliary device. Our detailed review article allows you to have a wide variety of speakers to choose from. The article gives an insight of what to choose while shopping for the best Bluetooth subwoofer for car installation. Hope that you can find the most suitable device to enjoy your driving experience.



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