LG soundbar with subwooferWhat is a soundbar? How do you lg soundbar with subwoofer? During your shopping expeditions for a quality home audio entertainment system, you might have come across a soundbar advertisement or a website publicising soundbar entertainment. No need for a deep breath, just sigh of relief because a soundbar is a set of high-quality speakers grouped together within a long rectangular enclosure. Some home audio systems manufacturers make the units a single long rectangular enclosure while others pair up the soundbar with a separate subwoofer unit.

Soundbars were designed to offer crisp and clear, high-quality audio to TV owners whose TV sets do not produce high-quality audio. This is a great solution for such TVs hence it has gotten big popularity hence at some point being a necessity when it comes to television purchase. Most TV manufacturers fit in poor quality or underpowered speakers in order to keep down the manufacturing cost of the televisions hence lowering the selling price of a unit.

Therefore, soundbars are becoming a great companion to TVs today where they are specially designed to bring stereo surround sound into a small to medium-sized room. Most soundbars are equipped with four speakers, two to the left and two to the right where two are tweeters and the others, mid-range speakers. A separate subwoofer is added to the soundbar setup in order to boost the low-pitched audio frequencies referred to as bass reproduction for a more enriched full range home audio entertainment system. The speakers are designed and positioned in a way that they will produce surround sound by distributing and filling the living space with great audio.

Soundbars being home entertainment gadgets they can be connected to many devices via Bluetooth, 3.5mm jacks, USB ports, RCA ports to gadgets such as gaming consoles, smartphones, tablets and DVD players for that extra kick in nice audible and clear sound enhancements. Therefore, these are versatile home entertainment systems, which offer much more when it comes to home audio entertainment.

In this article, carsaudio experts will focus on how to pair your LG soundbar with subwoofer. Therefore, our specific home audio equipment for today will be the LG soundbar. The process is quite easy and straightforward to comprehend, therefore, we do not expect any major technical challenges or hitches. All you have to do is to connect the LG soundbar and subwoofer to a standard power outlet of 240V. Once the devices have been fired up, they are ready to be connected. The process is automatic especially if the subwoofer is from LG. LG has made the process much simpler to pair up their soundbars with LG subwoofers. Just in case you are not getting it to work, then follow the article and hopefully, it will fix your problem.

Setting up an LG soundbar with subwoofer

LG soundbars with wireless subwoofers are easy to set up in your living room or any place of choice. Connection wires are not required to connect the two devices to each other and also to your TV. If you have successfully paired up the devices and your TV included playback should start shortly. If playback does not begin shortly, try restarting your LG soundbar.

Looking forward to an amazing audio experience? It is important to consider the LG soundbar and subwoofer combination in your living space. The LG soundbar with subwoofer can provide crystal clear sound enriched with deep bass for an incredible entertainment experience. In this article, we will discuss how to pair the LG soundbar with subwoofer for the best results. Keep reading to learn more on this!

First, it is important to note that the LG soundbar with a subwoofer is a Bluetooth-compatible device hence the wireless term used comes in. To link the LG soundbar and subwoofer, you will need just power cables which are provided by the manufacturers. You can use any subwoofer with the LG soundbar but for brand features synchrony such as LG-sync, you can buy preferably an LG subwoofer unit.

Pairing LG soundbar with subwoofer: First time pairing

Pairing up the LG soundbar with subwoofer should be a process that takes less than five minutes. The process should not worry you provided you have the TV, LG soundbar and a subwoofer.

The first step is to make sure the devices are powered up. The next process is to connect them to start working together. This is a simple process, let us find out how to do it!

Connect the power cord of the main Soundbar unit and the Wireless Subwoofer unit to the wall power outlet. Turn on the LG soundbar system followed by the wireless subwoofer unit. You can identify the subwoofer is powered up by the continuously blinking LED light. The two devices are Bluetooth enabled hence the Bluetooth setting of the soundbar unit should be enabled first. This will allow the soundbar to connect automatically

For the subwoofer because it is wireless and hence the only means of connecting it is via Bluetooth, you will find once it is fired up it will be ready to pair with the soundbar. If it is a Bluetooth LG subwoofer then the soundbar will pair much faster. Once the subwoofer is successfully connected to the soundbar, you will notice that the LED light stops blinking and now it glows continuously. This shows that the two devices have paired up successfully.

Just in case, due to some reason mostly on connectivity, you can try to restart the two devices simultaneously and ensure that no other Bluetooth enabled device is causing the interference nearby. If they do not seem to connect and work, then you can try connecting them manually. You can also take a look at the LED light indicator on the subwoofer. If it does not stop linking then you can assume that the connection process has failed and the subwoofer is still trying to connect to the soundbar.

So, now let us move on to the manual process of how to pair an LG soundbar with subwoofer. 

How to manually connect LG soundbar with subwoofer

Manually connecting the LG soundbar to the Subwoofer requires a little bit of extra hard work as it involves a few additional steps to follow. Manual connection is also another way of pairing an  LG subwoofer with subwoofer. Simply follow our step-by-step instructions guide mentioned below and you will have it fired up and running ready to play your favourite music for home entertainment.

The first step is to set the volume of the LG soundbar to a minimum. This can be done via the physical buttons provided on the unit or by the use of remote control. If your LG soundbar comes equipped with a full capacity LCD or LED display you will see the “VOL MIN” message appear on the screen. Some other LG soundbar models will have only LED light indicators which light up in different colours to indicate various connectivity modes. For example, some soundbars will indicate a red light to show that the volume is reduced to minimum.

The second step to pairing an LG soundbar with subwoofer will be to hold the Mute button down on the soundbar if provided or on the remote control for three seconds. If the LG soundbar has a full LCD or LED display, it will indicate a “WL RESET” message that appears on the screen. If the LG soundbar has no screen display on it, then LED light indicators are used. A red light will blink continuously to indicate the mute function is enabled.

The last manual connection will be via a pairing button located at the back of the subwoofer unit. Press and hold the subwoofer pairing button for at least five seconds. After five seconds, you will see the paring indicator displayed on the screen. If your subwoofer does not have an LCD OR LED screen display output, you will see the LED light indicator on the subwoofer blink red and green in an alternating sequence.

If the above three manual pairing steps fail, you will have to conduct a troubleshooting process in order to connect your LG soundbar and subwoofer.

Troubleshooting: LG Soundbar not pairing with subwoofer

We are going to cover some troubleshooting techniques for the LG soundbar not pairing with subwoofer. This section is for those not done with pairing with the subwoofer. If yours already pairs you can read through or skip ahead to the next topic on how to unpair the LG soundbar with subwoofer.

We are going to cover the troubleshooting process step by step for easy comprehension even for novice LG soundbar with subwoofer users. We hope that the following steps will fix your problem so that you can enjoy your home audio entertainment system comfortably.

Step 1: Ensure that your LG subwoofer is not paired to any other Bluetooth audio receiver device such as a smartphone or laptop. You can check on that by pressing and holding down the “Pairing” button either on your soundbar controls or the remote for ten seconds. If the LG soundbar is unpaired, it will have an LED blue light. Now the soundbar should be fully unpaired and ready to pair.

Step 2: Ensure that there is no obstacle between the soundbar and subwoofer. Some obstacles, especially metallic or radiation-emitting devices can interfere with the Bluetooth frequencies.

Step 3: Check all LG soundbar connections are secure such as speaker cables and power cords. Also check that the subwoofer power cord is well secured and in good working order. Check this by unplugging your speaker from the power source and also from other connected devices. Inspect the input terminals and cable ends on all devices. If they appear to be in a good working condition, plug them back and turn on the soundbar and subwoofer.

Step 4: Disconnect all Bluetooth devices within the ten-meter radius of your LG soundbar. This will prevent any other Bluetooth transmission frequencies from interfering with the soundbar and subwoofer connection.

Step 5: If up to step 4 no results are achieved, try to reset the two devices by unplugging them from the power outlet. Ensure the power plugs are completely removed from the power outlets. Let the devices stay unconnected for about five minutes or so.

Step 6: Reconnect the devices both the LG soundbar and the wireless subwoofer. By now we hope that the two devices would have paired up and worked to provide you with an enriched audio experience. The pairing process should be an automatic, hassle-free process. Connectivity can be confirmed by a solid green LED light indicator on the subwoofer unit.

Step 7: Another key thing that we will not fail to mention is the remote control. Ensure it is of good working order by testing it by use of the volume buttons. Use the volume up and down to confirm that at an obstructed close proximity radius of ten meters. Make sure that you point at the LG soundbar IR sensor area for greater accuracy.

How to check that the LG soundbar with subwoofer are paired

The key thing that indicates the LG soundbar and subwoofer are not paired up is the absence of sound coming from the subwoofer unit. LED indicator lights can also be used to confirm that on the subwoofer unit. You can check for connectivity also by pressing any button on the remote control where if no response is heard, unpair the devices and try the troubleshooting steps highlighted above.

How to unpair LG Soundbar with subwoofer

After pairing the LG soundbar with subwoofer, there comes a time when you will need to unpair them. This is a very simple process than even pairing them up. You can unpair both devices even when they are both in use and in good working order. Sometimes you may want to shift your sound system to a different room of the house hence the need to unpair the LG soundbar with subwoofer. The following three steps will assist you in unpairing the two devices:

Step 1: Power off the LG soundbar first followed by the subwoofer. Unplug both devices from the power outlet and ensure that no Bluetooth connections are available at the moment.

Step 2: Turn on the LG soundbar first then press the pairing button on your subwoofer unit. The subwoofer LED indicator will light, blue. Once this is done it will successfully unpair the LG soundbar to the subwoofer.

Step 3: You can now plug in both the LG soundbar and subwoofer back to the power outlets again. If you want to pair them back again, refer to the topic on how to pair the LG soundbar with the subwoofer explained above.

What next if pairing the LG soundbar with a subwoofer fails?

If the problem persists even after troubleshooting both devices, contact the LG soundbar and subwoofer manufacturer or an authorised certified technician. Also, ensure that you have a Bluetooth enabled TV because the soundbar only works with those enabled. If the TV is a problem, contact the manufacturer too.

Operating the LG soundbar with subwoofer

Operating an LG soundbar paired up with a subwoofer is an easy task. The procedure is standard but it varies depending on the model and year of manufacture of the LG soundbar.

Press the “Input” button on the soundbar’s remote control. This will allow you to change the input source. After that, use the arrow keys to scroll through the different input options until you reach the “Bluetooth” input.

Now, it is time to start adjusting the soundbar and subwoofer settings. To begin, you will need to change the soundbar’s volume. So, press the “Volume Up” or “Volume Down” buttons on the soundbar’s remote control until you reach the desired volume.

After that, you will need to adjust the various settings on the subwoofer. To do this, press the “Menu” button on the subwoofer’s remote control. With the menu open, use the arrow keys to scroll through the different options until you achieve your desired settings of choice.

The LG soundbars come with various “Sound Modes” where you try those available on your device by scrolling through the different options available until you reach, for example, the “Standard” setting. Then, press the “Enter” button to select the option.

Also, if you are a movie lover, you can try the “Movie” sound mode for a more immersive experience. Feel free to explore the other options in the menu. When you are finished making changes and happy with sound effects and modes, press the “Menu” button again to close the menu.

That’s it! You have now successfully paired your LG soundbar with subwoofer to your TV and adjusted the soundbar settings for the best sound quality. Sit back and enjoy the amazing audio experience!

FAQs on how to pair LG soundbar with subwoofer

Why is my LG soundbar Bluetooth not working?

In order for your Bluetooth LG soundbar with subwoofer to start working, ensure that you have a Bluetooth enabled TV set before purchasing the LG soundbar and wireless subwoofer. If your TV is Bluetooth enabled, you can troubleshoot your soundbar to see if it has its Bluetooth working and also if it is connected to the subwoofer unit successfully. If the problem persists even after troubleshooting, contact the LG soundbar and subwoofer manufacturer. If the TV is a problem, contact the manufacturer too.

What do firmware updates do to your LG NB3530A soundbar?

Firmware updates are important to any software related device. They are released on a regular basis for network-enabled Blu-ray players such as LG subwoofers. These updates are used to enhance current features, fix bugs, and in some cases add additional applications to the device. It is important that you keep on checking periodically for the firmware updates for your Bluetooth enabled TV and LG soundbar with subwoofer for improved performance upgrades.

Why is my subwoofer not pairing with my soundbar?

The LG subwoofer will automatically turn on its Bluetooth feature as soon as it is turned on and connected to a power outlet. Also, ensure that the subwoofer is connected to a power outlet too and turned on. If the devices do not seem to have paired, then you can try doing the process manually by using a detailed procedure in this article. If the LED light on the subwoofer does not stop blinking, then the subwoofer and soundbar are not paired.

How do I Pair my subwoofer to my LG soundbar?

Once the subwoofer is powered on, look at the back of the subwoofer where you will find a pairing button. Press and hold the pairing button for more than five seconds. You will find that the LED light on the subwoofer blinks red and green alternating. This is an indication that the LG soundbar and subwoofer are ready to pair.

Why are my LG soundbar LEDs blinking red and green?

The LED lights blinking red and green colour are used to indicate that your LG soundbar is on standby mode or on add-standby mode meaning it is ready to be paired up to a subwoofer. If the LED light is blinking red, that signifies that the soundbar has an issue or a malfunction with it pairing up to the subwoofer. You can restart the devices to ensure that they pair up again.

What do LG sound sync-TV and soundbar sound sync do?

Sync means synchrony. Therefore, the LG sound sync -TV and soundbar sound sync are inbuilt features by LG which make connecting your home theatre, soundbar, and sound plate to your LG TV easy and wire-free. With the sound sync smart feature, your LG compatible devices can connect with each other via Bluetooth technology hence reducing cable clutter, while also synchronising the audio between devices. This LG smart feature is good for your home entertainment solutions worth investing in.

How does a wireless subwoofer work on TV?

Wireless subwoofers work on TV once they are paired up to a soundbar via Bluetooth. LG is a good manufacturer of soundbars, therefore, if you buy the soundbar it will allow you to pair up to a wireless subwoofer hence connecting to a TV. Another key thing to remember is that you need a Bluetooth enabled TV in order to use an LG Bluetooth soundbar.

Final Verdict

So, there you have it. Pairing the LG soundbar with a subwoofer was that easy not unless you experienced some technical hitches. Bluetooth is one of the easiest wireless connections easy to establish between enabled devices. You just have to turn both the devices on and they will pair automatically as they are designed to do so. If you have done all these including our troubleshooting procedure and still you could not pair them together, then the last thing you can do is to take the gadgets to the recognised service centre by the manufacturers and see if there is a technical problem which is causing the pairing issue.