Car amplifier Buying guide

There are various reasons why a car owner would have the need for a new car amplifier for their car’s stereo. Therefore, the car owner will be required to source a new amplifier or an aftermarket car stereo amplifier where they have a great performance as compared to those inbuilt amplifiers in a car head […]

Speakers for cars buying guide

Speakers for Cars

Speakers for cars are the main components when it comes to the car audio entertainment sector. They add life to the car interior by adding sound into the space. Therefore, car speakers are a key factor worth of consideration when it comes to upgrading an existing car audio system from the factory one. Speakers for […]

Best Kicker Speakers 2023

  Kicker is a car audio speaker manufacturing company that has been in the market since 1973. It was launched at Steve Irby’s garage. The company has provided excellent speaker quality with enhanced features and technology worth the competition in the car audio industry. They provide a wide variety of speakers from mid-range speakers, tweeters […]

How to choose a subwoofer box

Subwoofer box: How to choose one A subwoofer is a speaker unit that requires a right enclosure unit known as the subwoofer box. In order to get the best bass sound quality and audio experience, the right choice of subwoofer box is what you need to sort after. There are various categories of subwoofer boxes […]

Car amp: which amplifier class is the best?

Which car amp class is the best? What is a car amp? An amplifier is an electronic device that amplifies the sound signal from a source. The sound signal is not usually very strong enough to be played through the speakers. Many audio devices have a built-in amplifier, such as portable speakers, phones, radio systems […]

Gifts For Car Guys: 24 Cool Ideas

Shopping for Gifts for Car Guys can turn tricky, especially if you are not into cars. The guys are picky and naturally meticulous on their preferences; choosing their perfect gift becomes a challenge. However, no matter your budget or expertise level, there are still tons of valuable and priceless products you can gift any car […]

Best Pioneer Speakers 2022

Best Pioneer Speakers 2021 Pioneer is one of the leading manufacturers of car audio speakers and accessories in the world today. They are reputed for their quality and bespoke designs in the car audio industry. For a premium high-quality car audio experience, Pioneer speakers are the way to go. They manufacture various sizes and classes […]

Best Boss Speakers 2022

Best Boss Speakers 2022 Boss Audio Systems is a reputable company in the world of audio systems as evidenced by the array of Boss speakers in the market. It is a premium brand with exceptional sound performance redefining the top car audio systems in the world market in the year 2021 and forthcoming 2022. Boss […]

Car Subwoofer systems: 4 different types, variations and sizes

sound deadening

The bone-crushing bass audio experience in cars is produced by a speaker unit known as a car subwoofer. For deep and thumping bass production in a car interior, the car owner needs to install a car subwoofer system. The speaker units vary in types and sizes where the amount of money spent on the unit […]

Best Bluetooth Headset Reviews for 2022

Best Bluetooth headset

What comes to your mind when you hear about the best Bluetooth headset? When Bluetooth technology came into realization in 1989, most people had a lot to inquire about it especially due to its weird name. Bluetooth is a wireless technology whose power transmission is limited to 2.5 milli-watts hence it has a short range […]