Car Subwoofer systems: 4 different types, variations and sizes

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The bone-crushing bass audio experience in cars is produced by a speaker unit known as a car subwoofer. For deep and thumping bass production in a car interior, the car owner needs to install a car subwoofer system. The speaker units vary in types and sizes where the amount of money spent on the unit […]

Best Bluetooth Headset Reviews for 2022

Best Bluetooth headset

What comes to your mind when you hear about the best Bluetooth headset? When Bluetooth technology came into realization in 1989, most people had a lot to inquire about it especially due to its weird name. Bluetooth is a wireless technology whose power transmission is limited to 2.5 milli-watts hence it has a short range […]

Best Amp Reviews for Your Car in 2022

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What are amplifiers and why do amp reviews matter to car owners? Car amplifiers are made and installed to boost the output of the music or audio for a better experience. This equipment makes music sound better in a car stereo system; hence these are the main factors car owners or music enthusiasts should think […]

Best Under Seat Subwoofer 2022

Underseat subwoofer

Subwoofers are speakers made specifically for base production in audio systems. They are categorized into two that is under seat subwoofers and box-type subwoofers. The two categories of units are usually installed in vehicles.  The box types are installed where space is not a matter of concern, while an under seat subwoofer car unit is […]