The loudest subwoofer box design: Reviews and Guides

At carsaudio, we are going to delve into the loudest subwoofer box design for car stereo installation. We will offer you the best and most accurate information on reviews and guides to the loudest subwoofer box designs available in the market today. Let us start by defining and explaining some of the things that you need at your fingertips before you start your fishing expedition to bet the best and most accurate loudest subwoofer box design for your car audio needs.

First, what is a subwoofer box?

A subwoofer box as its name suggests is basically a box or enclosure designed for the installation of subwoofers in your car. Therefore, a subwoofer box houses the subwoofer speaker where it is kept in a good working condition. The subwoofer box has many uses and advantages.

Why should you get one?

The main use is to allow the subwoofer speaker to be housed in a good environment where airflow is controlled. The air trapped in a subwoofer box acts as a shock absorber for the subwoofer. The air vibration in the subwoofer box aids in amplifying the bass audio hence enriching the low-frequency audio notes. This improves the performance of a subwoofer significantly. The additional room space created by a subwoofer box allows the subwoofer to be effectively cooled hence minimising the risk of overheating.

Another key importance of subwoofer boxes apart from bass boost, they also act as aesthetic car interior components thus beautifying the car interior space significantly. Therefore, after purchasing your loudest subwoofer box design, your car boot will look beautiful because some of the boxes come with carpeted exterior surfaces that blend and match with the car interior décor material.

Types of Subwoofer Boxes

There are four major types of the loudest subwoofer box design. We are going to briefly describe each type of subwoofer box design but if you need an elaborate explanation, you can visit our website and check our post on, “How to choose a subwoofer box”.

The major types of loudest subwoofer box designs that you can choose from are ported boxes, sealed boxes, bandpass boxes and free-air subwoofers. Therefore, your choice boils down to your own personal tastes and preferences regarding to the type of bass reproduction you want to achieve. So based on the different designs, the subwoofer boxes produce various kinds of bass notes. Now let us delve into them briefly.

  1. Ported box

Ported subwoofer box designs have a port or vent installed that facilitates increasing the low bass response. They work with the principle of forcing bass notes out of the box. They deliver loud bass as compared to sealed boxes hence they are much more popular in-car installations making them the top choices for the loudest subwoofer box design. If you are a hard-driving music aficionado such as rock, metal or any other type of bass-heavy music, you can opt for the ported loudest subwoofer box design.

Another crucial benefit of ported subwoofer designs is that they are designed to allow better airflow that helps prevent overheating of the subwoofer speaker unit.

  1. Sealed box

A sealed subwoofer box is also called a closed subwoofer box and is best suited for users who require precise and defined bass. It produces a deep bass sound, flat response and superior power handling capabilities hence an option for the loudest subwoofer box design. These enclosure boxes are compact in size as compared to ported designs hence they are easy to install in most cars such as under seat subwoofer installations. You pop into our review and read about the best under seat subwoofers.

Air retained in the subwoofer box boosts the deep bass production and also acts as a shock absorber to the subwoofer cone. It acts as a cushion to the cone during its back-and-forth motion hence aiding inaccurate deep bass production and an increase in transient noise. This type of enclosure will serve you well but we recommend that you have a high-power amplifier for better performance results. This is because it does not push air in and out of the box as much hence you will need to play your speakers at higher volumes to notice the improvement.

  1. Bandpass box

This is an unpopular subwoofer box design although it also features good performance capabilities as the loudest subwoofer box design option. This design raises many questions amongst car subwoofer box installation technicians and car owners. These boxes slightly resemble the ported boxes, but the purpose differs. They combined the sported and sealed subwoofer box design into one. they are difficult to design and construct as compared to the other two options.

Bandpass subwoofer boxes are designed for a maximum slam bass output. The subwoofer is placed inside the box and the sound is received through the ports. They are usually used for dual subwoofer installations where one chamber is left open and the other enclosed. This makes the bandpass box quite loud but with a narrow frequency range. Bandpass subwoofer box design is suitable for dynamic sound music genres such as rap, hard rock, metals and reggae.

This is not everybody’s choice of loudest subwoofer box design hence technical knowledge should be sought first prior to making a purchase because they offer a great challenge in tuning and subwoofer speaker specifications.

  1. Free-air subwoofer box

They are called infinite baffles. Sound and bass quality is a big compromise in this choice of subwoofer box. We do not recommend it for hard-core music bass lovers. This type of subwoofer box does not need any kind of enclosure to work efficiently. So, the subwoofers can be installed on a board and be placed in the backseat of a car or boot where the space acts as the enclosure box. This might cancel out sound distortion but is not as accurate as having the loudest subwoofer box design installed.

This type of installation is suitable if you have space constraints in your car’s interior. Free-air subwoofer boxes are usually great and easy to install but only work if used specifically with free-air subwoofers.

What do I consider when picking the loudest subwoofer box design?

There are about 5 major factors you should consider and work around when it comes to choosing a subwoofer box design of your choice. They will aid you in coming up with the right decision, choice and option for the loudest subwoofer box design. They include:

  1.     Type of subwoofer box design

Ported subwoofer box designs are good choices if you have no space constraints where you can enjoy high bass loudness and quality. Most car owners would prefer sealed subwoofer boxes because they do not take up much space and are fairly cheap. Meanwhile, bandpass boxes and free-air boxes are best used for subwoofers by car owners who understand their working principles.

  1.     Space available for installation

How much available space there is on your vehicle will also determine what kind of subwoofer box you can have installed in your car. If space is not an issue you can consider ported subwoofer boxes and sealed boxes or bandpass boxes where space is limited whereas free-air subwoofer boxes where space is unavailable.

Assess by counting how many subwoofers you own. Based on the count, is where you can choose the size of the subwoofer box accordingly. For instance, if you have two subwoofers, then you can purchase a dual enclosure instead of two different enclosures boxes. Also, check the area and the size of your car or room for installing the subwoofer box. The space availability determines the shape or the best subwoofer box design of choice.

  1.     Subwoofer box size

The size of the box is determined by the type of enclosure used and how many subwoofers you want to fit. For big diameter subwoofer speakers, you will require larger subwoofer boxes as compared to smaller ones. The closer the size of the subwoofers you are using is to the size of the box design, the better. So, ensure that the subwoofers match the subwoofer box design for best performance. A smaller box with a big subwoofer will lead to less performance.

  1.     Subwoofer box aesthetics

Most manufacturers make subwoofer boxes with carpeted exteriors or slanted designs to help improve their look and make them fit better and match with the rest of your car interior. Some can be ordered from the manufacturer with different colours in order to form a perfect car interior match. This is subjective, and you can choose the design that matches the environment where the subwoofer will be placed. There are multiple designed enclosures available with carpeted interiors and other aesthetic forms. So, the choice is yours.

  1.     Construction material

Choosing the best loudest subwoofer box design material is essential. The subwoofer box material is crucial hence it plays a crucial role in defining the bass output from the subwoofers. That said, there are five common materials you can choose from:

Though each material varies in price and performance, it is essential to check research on which material can deliver deep loud bass. The most preferred subwoofer box construction materials are MDF boards and plywood sheets. They are highly workable, affordable and durable and they offer an enhanced bass output which is appreciated by most car owners. Other materials such as Aluminium sheets and fibreglass are expensive but also used in the loudest subwoofer design construction.


Top best loudest subwoofer box designs

Best loudest ported subwoofer box design

A ported subwoofer box design uses a vent, known as a port, to boost a deeper bass response. As a result, it produces more output compared to a sealed box with a similar amplifier wattage. Below we have a list of best-ported subwoofer box design reviews.

Atrend Bbox E12DSV Pro-Series

The Atrend Bbox E12DSV Pro-Series is a subwoofer box designed with being the loudest subwoofer box design that works with all kinds of modern subwoofer speakers. The subwoofer box unit is a pro-tuned, dual 12-inch ported subwoofer box design for the best and optimum response combined with low-frequency reproduction ideal for high-powered and premium quality subwoofers. The air space is shared by the subwoofers and hence not divided. The shared chamber allows convenience that makes connecting wires between woofers easy.

The subwoofer box measures 13.75 inches high by 30.25 inches in width by 17.5 inches in depth. It has a subwoofer mounting depth of 11.125 inches and a subwoofer cut out of 16.75 inches. The subwoofer cutouts ensure that a perfect fit is achieved once the subwoofers get installed. The materials used for its construction are hardwood MDF boards with mitred corners that help give it better durability than its competition while also helping improve its looks.

An airtight precision fit is achieved by CNC Miter & Dado design and construction which also ensures all parts are fit hence ensuring a rattle and noise-free environment. Specially formulated aliphatic wood glue is used by Atrend in order to ensure an airtight seal between all MDF parts is achieved and with the second application of glue around all internal joints after final assembly is used. Later pneumatic applied brad nails are used to pull tight and hold the MDF parts together during the glue-drying process. This normally assures a no-leak, no-rattle air chamber.

Speaking of looks, the premium charcoal carpet covering the subwoofer box’s exterior protects the hardwood MDF material from scratches and other kinds of damage such as liquid spills as well as improving the aesthetics of your car.  The screw-down terminal cups provided also help install sub-speaker wires easily while the design limits sound interference for better low-frequency sound reproduction.




   QPower QBOMB12VL 12-inch dual ported subwoofer box

The Qpower QBOMB12VL is a premium-priced product for those who settle for less is not an option. The subwoofer box is a great premium option that can be used with powerful subwoofers without compromising on the integrity of the car stereo system with ports tuned at 47Hz. To ensure that you get loud and powerful audio output from this subwoofer box, it is made for high-performance usage thanks to the dual subwoofer design, which is well-engineered for quality bass reproduction.

The subwoofer box can be used along with up to 12-inch-sized woofers comfortably. The unit is constructed using high-quality 5/8-inch MDF boards coated by rhino lining brand spray. This is an ideal combination for However, the dimensions of this subwoofer box are a bit large for small car boots since it measures 36 inches by 14.25 inches by 22.5 inches with an air volume of 2.25 cubic feet per each subwoofer compartment and subwoofer mounting depth of 22 inches.

Also, this sub-box has excellent construction but is not made to fit big magnet speakers. If you have large subwoofers, you should consider other options with bigger mounting depths. Nevertheless, this box holds up well on high-powered subwoofers, but you have to be very careful with the subwoofer size. Insulation is not provided to this ported subwoofer box; hence take note.

It is easy to install and boosts bass quality more than cheaper competition and other homemade boxes. So, if you are looking to get the best and loudest subwoofer box design with enough deep bass to shatter windshields, this is what you get!

As this is a premium loudest subwoofer box design for loud and deep bass, it also includes a 2-year warranty for your peace of mind. Aside from the hefty price tag, the only downside here is that it is obnoxiously large. So even if your car had a fairly sizable trunk, it would take up most of its space.


    American Sound Connection 12-inch single-ported subwoofer box

Cheap, simple, and effective, the American Sound Connection Single Vented Subwoofer Stereo Sub Box is a no-frills box. It offers a single subwoofer cut off of 22-inch diameter. This is our third pick for the loudest subwoofer box design, which is designed to help you unleash the full potential of your car’s subwoofer. With an air space volume of 1.60 cubic feet and a mounting depth of 15.25 inches and dimensions of the width of 18.25 inches by height of 13.25 inches by depth of 16.25 inches, expect good results.

It will work with almost all brands and models of subwoofers you throw at it. You just need to make sure that the required airspace matches what is recommended as per the manufacturer’s specification. Also, consider the size of the magnet to avoid issues with mounting depth. Unlike sealed subwoofer boxes, the vent on this box allows air to move freely but is tuned to a set frequency range that will greatly increase the overall output of the unit. So, the more air there is in the unit, the greater the bass.

The ported subwoofer box is made from precision-cut MDF boards that have been liquid nailed and then wholly sealed to ensure durability. It is then wrapped with quality carpet that matches almost every car’s interior. This protects the unit from dust and easy cleaning in case of spills.

Because of that, the enclosure is designed to be as versatile as possible. It can fit anything from older subwoofers to newer ones. It is also fairly compact hence it can fit inside any car, from a truck bed liner to the boot space. The design is great hence good value for money.


    OnlyFactoryDirect 8-inch dual subwoofer box

The OnlyFactoryDirect black subwoofer box is a cheap and space-efficient subwoofer box design perfect for those who just want to try out what it is like to use a subwoofer box or a ported dual subwoofer box enclosure.  

Coming in at an affordable price point makes it a great entry-level subwoofer box hence falling to number four in our loudest subwoofer box review today. This is especially true for those who want to get their subwoofer speakers out of the way, At the same time, despite being so affordable, you will find that space compromises are not as much as expected. It comes with built-in terminals for easy installation of gold screw posts with wire lead included.

Speaking of compact, the design is flat at the front face and slightly angled at the back, for an easy fit in the trunk of most cars and it will not take up as much space compared to other subwoofer boxes out there. The subwoofer box surface is carpeted with black aviation carpet for enhanced aesthetics. It is constructed of high-quality MDF boards providing 0.33 cubic feet of air space ample for base reproduction.

8-inch dual subwoofer holes are provided with a 7.125-inch diameter. The unit measures 10 inches in height by 20 inches length by 7 inches top depth by 9.75 inches bottom depth and a speaker mounting depth is 6.5 inches. These dimensions make it versatile for cars, trucks and SUVs.



    American Sound Connection Dual 8-inch SPL ported subwoofer box

At number five! American Sound Connection Dual 8-inch ported subwoofer box is an excellent choice for rocking mid and high-end subwoofers. This is a good upgrade worth adding to your car stereo system upgrade.  It is specifically designed to help improve airflow for better performance. It has an airspace capacity of 0.84 cubic feet at the same time; the design helps improve pressure on the back speaker. As a result, this creates optimal bass output, hence a good choice for the loudest subwoofer box design.

Dimension-wise, the subwoofer box measures 23.25 inches in width by 10.75 inches in height with a depth of 16 inches and a subwoofer mounting depth of 8.5 inches. As for its construction, the 3/4-inch MDF hardwood boards are liquid-nailed and tightened using screws. This ensures the structure is rigid yet flexible enough to withstand subwoofer vibrations, especially at high bass.

The labyrinth-style design gives you one hole per woofer, while the high-quality carpet covers the entire exterior surface of the enclosure. Although this adds a substantial amount of weight to the box, it does help make it look more elegant while adding durability. As for its functional design, the back of the box comes with spring-loaded terminal cups which offer solid wire connections. This gives you access to multiple connection possibilities between your amplifiers and subwoofers. You will enjoy owning this subwoofer box from the ASC company.



    Car Audio 12-inch single ported sub box

If you are looking for more bass, go for a ported loudest subwoofer box design by Car Audio.  This 12-inch single enclosure by ASC can allow many brands and models of subwoofers installations.

With precisely fit speaker terminals, these subwoofer boxes allow the best connection with your subwoofer and other car audio components. Every enclosure features spring-loaded terminal cups that make subwoofer wire connections easier and quicker. These cups reduce the hassles of subwoofer installation and connection to the rest of the car audio system. You can do it yourself if you are keen on making significant savings while improving your audio system.

Efficient bass reproduction is enhanced by the subwoofer box construction technology which features precision cuts of MDF boards. These pieces are then liquid nailed and wrapped with nice carpet work hence improving the aesthetics of the box. American Sound Connection is keen to ensure that the subwoofer box gives the maximum bass for every inch of space and every amplifier watt supplied.

The ASC designed subwoofer box is well designed with placement considerations. The size of the subwoofer box makes it a perfect fit for small spaces in the car’s boot space. Feel free to purchase one of ASC’s loudest subwoofer box design.




Best loudest sealed subwoofer box design

Let us now cover the next category of the top sealed loudest subwoofer box design. A sealed subwoofer box is airtight to produce a deeper and more accurate bass response. Below, we have a list of best-sealed subwoofer box design reviews.

    Atrend 15DQ 15-inch dual sealed subwoofer box

Atrend comes in with another big model, the 15DQ 15-inch dual sealed subwoofer box is one of the best 15-inch subwoofer boxes that you are going to find on the market today hence topping our list. It is designed and crafted by highly skilled personnel using the latest loudest subwoofer box design in order to offer the best bass response with the lowest frequency reproduction to its customers.

The unit is manufactured in the USA where it is completely carpeted with premium carpet for excellent aesthetics in your trunk or cargo area. People will give a pause to admire the subwoofer box. The subwoofer box was engineered and manufactured using only the best materials throughout the production cycle. Hardwood ¾-inch MDF boards combined with true mitred corners and full inset dados. This makes this subwoofer box from the Atrend line of products built for the high-end niche market.

It is manufactured with CNC Miter and Dado construction for the best airtight precision fit for all parts of the box. The MDF boards are glued with specially formulated aliphatic wood glue and braced with fasteners. As a result, you can feel assured that it will be rattle, vibration and noise-free for its entire useful life. The unit measures 16.75 inches in depth by 36 inches in width by 15.75 inches in height with a box volume of 2.15 cubic feet per chamber adding up to 4.30 cubic feet total box volume.

From design to delivery, Atrend products are tested vigorously to ensure sound quality and accurate engineering. Silver spring-loaded terminals are provided for wire connections.  Working with only the latest in computer automated software and machinery, Atrend continues to be a trendsetter in the car audio systems marketplace.

They have proven to be in the capacity to deliver quality results by utilizing only the most efficient engineering and manufacturing processes.


   BBox E10D Dual 10-inch sealed subwoofer box

Another great and affordable option for the loudest subwoofer box design is the BBox E10D Dual 10-inch box. This subwoofer box design will find your deep bass desires are met once installed. In addition to the sealed box design, this subwoofer box helps minimize bass distortions and provides a clean finish to your music by adding that extra deep bass desired by music listeners.

The E10D subwoofer box features a 9.125-inch diameter subwoofer cut out which is of universal fit to 10-inch subwoofers with a mounting depth of 13.75 inches. This sealed subwoofer box is designed to add some serious muscle to your car music with a net air space volume of 1.68 cubic feet. This will ensure that your subwoofer unit delivers riveting low-end frequency response and thunderous bass. The dimensions of the unit are at a height of 11.875 inches by a width of 26.5 inches by a depth of 14.5 inches making it suitable for most car boots.

While providing you with amazing deep bass, the BBox E10D dual looks terrific with its carpeted design. The charcoal appearance will match any back seat exterior, making it perfect for any car installation. Spring-loaded terminal cups are built into the subwoofer box for easy connectivity of the subwoofer speaker unit to the amplifier and other car stereo components.


    Rockville Dual 10-inch sealed subwoofer box

Rockville, as usual, is a top car audio systems manufacturer. They also manufacture some of the loudest subwoofer box design types. They have a 10-inch sealed subwoofer box that works with modern subwoofer speakers perfectly with no compromise.

Whichever sound system you are using, this Rockville dual subwoofer box is designed to work with it. Purchase the box to maximize your sound system’s performance. With it, it is economical hence saving some money for other car audio installations. Space will not be a compromise since it can hold two 10-inch subwoofer units with no compromise.

Some of the unique features of the Rockville dual 10-inch subwoofer box include the application of the finest materials available in the USA such as high-quality, machine-cut MDF boards of 5/8-inch thick joined with superior quality to eliminate sound distorting vibrations. Top-of-the-line glue and silicon seals for optimum performance and durability are applied to the board joints. As if that is not enough, they have stapled all joints. With this kind of sealing, there is no doubt that this subwoofer box will give you the tightest and most accurate bass that you need. This guarantees the best level of performance when you mount your 10-inch subwoofers on a Rockville enclosure box.

Cutting-edge design by a reputable brand is not a compromise, where making sure that the enclosure’s sound quality is unrivaled is part of Rockville’s manufacturing policies. They ensure that they have tested many prototype designs before arriving at this particular design.

Mounting your subwoofers into your subwoofer box is a breeze. The manufacturer has left some mounting holes eliminating the struggle of getting your hands inside the box as you screw tight your speakers. Paying a technician for your subwoofer installations is now an option, hence saving money for other car audio purchases and installations.





Best loudest bandpass subwoofer box design

    Pyle PLQB10 10-inch bandpass subwoofer box

Pyle manufactures the PLQQB10, which is a 10-inch bandpass subwoofer box. This unit comes pre-assembled; therefore no need for you to assemble it. This saves a lot of hectic installation work that comes with assembling subwoofer units. This is our top pick when it comes to bandpass’s loudest subwoofer box design.

The speaker is equipped with a powerful audio projection subwoofer system with a maximum power output of 500-watt peak power and 250-watt RMS power. This is enough to play your favourite music tracks as loud as you want them to be. If that is your style!

This bandpass automotive subwoofer enclosure system is equipped with a 10-inch, high power 4-ohm subwoofer for full-range stereo sound reproduction and impressive bass response. Its cone is made up of blue polypropylene which aids in providing a maximum boost. Paired up with a 2-inch aluminium voice coil with a 4-ohm impedance rating that compensates for the undersized wire found in most cars. This ultimately reduces bass distortion for a crisp and clear listening experience as you concentrate on the wheel.

The high-performance car bandpass subwoofer has a specially treated black rubber edge suspension which cancels out all unnecessary vibrations hence the only vibrations you will be hearing are your music playing from the car stereo system.

Like traditional bandpass boxes, this PylePLQB10 subwoofer is mounted inside a dual-chambered box, one sealed and the other ported for the maximum slam of bass. It also has a plexiglass front window to allow a clean smart view of the subwoofer cone as it does its thing. Due to this subwoofer coming straight from the factory as a prebuilt system, it is super easy to install into your car. It is also compatible with all types of car stereo systems hence compatibility is not an issue.



Benefits of installing subwoofer boxes in cars

The benefits of installing the loudest subwoofer box design models in cars vary depending on many factors hence, the benefits are infinite. Some of the main reasons, as drawn from most car owners, include:

Optimal bass performance

This is achieved by installing the subwoofer speaker into a box that is the subwoofer box. This box is specially designed for subwoofer installation. Subwoofers produce bass sound frequencies that are propagated in front and behind the unit. That said, the sound that comes from the subwoofer’s back either distorts or cuts off the frequency produced by the subwoofer’s front. Therefore, the subwoofer needs a subwoofer box installation.

Protect the subwoofer

Most of the subwoofer boxes are spacious enough for air to pass. This air space volume allows the subwoofer magnet to be protected from physical interference and damage. The air inside also cools the subwoofer magnet which heats up, especially when you are playing loud music. It is therefore advisable to install the subwoofer inside a subwoofer box, it protects the subwoofer.

Improved bass tones

The air space in the subwoofer box acts as a cushion to the subwoofer con movement. The air also when displaced vibrates making it produce vibrations that are heard as bass sounds. Therefore, a subwoofer box acts as a crucial piece of equipment in any audio system including car stereo systems. The subwoofer box plays a crucial role in every music lover’s life. So, when you install the subwoofer inside the subwoofer box, you get improved bass notes making the sound output louder, deeper, and more pronounced.

Best loudest subwoofer box design summary

Purchasing the loudest subwoofer box design is not a do-or-die thing; therefore, it is not mandatory for every car owner to own one. But if you enjoy loud and deep bass, purchasing and installing a top subwoofer box is best suited for your car audio system.

Some people might tell you to build a subwoofer box to specifications and liking, but that takes much time and money. Therefore, it is better for you to buy the best loudest subwoofer box design for deep bass and have a technician install the subwoofer. Always do thorough research before buying a subwoofer box or any car audio equipment.

Remember that aftermarket accessories have a poor resale value hence it is advisable to uninstall your car stereo components and reinstall the factory stereo before selling your car for a new one.

Final thoughts

A subwoofer box is not that crucial, not unless you are a big bass music lover. We recommend doing your thorough research first before walking into a shop to make a purchase. Then, hopefully, you can use our tips to help you find the best and loudest subwoofer box design for deep bass car stereo solutions.